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Hambantota Beach

Hambantota Beach

With sweeping sandy beaches on either side, Hambantota is a convenient city weather if you are travelling from either cenral highlands or from the capital Colombo. Located approximately 235 Km from Colombo but since highways can be used, There will be a smooth journey from both above and sights.
There is a historical value for the city. you will find not only blue beaches but some valuable ancient heritage as well in Hambantota. 

The second largest of the six large blow holes in the world. The most spectacular display of the blowhole can be seen during the southwest monsoon, especially in June. The outlet is at a top of the fissured cliff about 20 metres above the sea level. The fountain shoots up to 18 meters depending on the strength of the waves.

Martello Tower
One of the few remaining such towers in the built by the British Empire around the world in late 18th century. Built according to the Mortello Tower in Corsia in defence of the coastal areas said to have repulsed an attack from the Kandyan Empire. About 25 feet in height and 40feet in diameter has two stories. Situate just a few metres south of the Hambanthota Rest House. There is a lighthouse, a bungalow and gallows close to the tower.

Distance to Major Destinations    Km
Colombo    235
Galle         124
Tissamaharama    23
Yala    37
Ella    109