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Pasikuda is a coastal town located 35km from Batticaloa, easily accessible from Trincomalee, and has been proven to be a popular destination with a diverse assortment of resorts. The sea itself is known for its shallow nature, dotted with coral reefs, and welcomes swimmers to explore its turquoise lucidity. Come have close encounters of the fishy kind, with multi-hued creatures of the reef, and the sun sprinkled habitats of crustaceans. The reefs harbor a vital role to the marine life ecosystem; remember not to step on the reef when exploring as it will be detrimental to the coral’s lifespan. 

The water activities are a guaranteed good time. Adrenaline usually rushes in right before the sea takes you on an adventurous wind surfing experience. Not enough speed? Then try the waterskiing action where a boat takes you sliding across the rush of the sea. We advise that you do not take any valuable items in your pockets while doing these water sports, it will be a permanent feature of the ocean.

In addition to the water sports that Pasikuda has to offer, kitesurfing has prevailed to gradually gain popularity. Where the wind has scheduled a spontaneous ride for you to truly enjoy the essence of the water. A word of advice: don’t take any valuable items on this event either. Recently a large band of kite enthusiasts have started a kite flying trend alongside the beach, feel free to get a kite of your own and join the club, no fees whatsoever, but you will have to prove your kite flying expertise.

Despite the disparity of the activities, Pasikuda proves to be a destination for all beach lovers, and reveals a heavenly fragment of paradise.