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Nilaveli is a beach 275 km from Colombo towards the north-west part of the island, and 16 km north of Trincomalee. The people in the surrounding areas are primarily Hindu. The silky white sand, soft under each step, leads to a surreal kind of beauty: the aquamarine sea with a placid undertone. Nilaveli is a great destination to abandon all stressful affiliations and have a relaxing vacation. Nevertheless, water sports are very much existent in the area, and adrenaline pursues itself on the passing traveler.

Wind surfing in Nilaveli is popular among travelers, a fun excursion to experience alongside the highly demanded expedition for deep-sea diving. Furthermore, the hot water wells are a 16 km ride from Nilaveli to Trincomalee.

Pigeon Island is situated 1 km from the Nilaveli beach. This marine national park gets it’s name due to the large occupancy of the rock pigeon population on the island. Some of the most alluring coral reefs are protected within the premises of the island, acting as a sanctuary for the increasing decline of unique creatures in the ocean. So, we recommend that you grab a pair of snorkels, get on a boat to the island, and embrace the welcoming coral expanse: if you see a black spikey sea urchin, don’t worry, it won’t bite. You can upsize the scale of the marine life experience by going for a dolphin watching adventure.

A perfect place to reside in serenity.