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Dikwella is a small coastal town in the Matara District. Located 22km east of the Matara city. Dikwella is known for its sandy beaches and coral reef with vibrant marine life. There are beautiful surfing areas in Dikwella and the food is reaching new heights. Nevertheless, Dikwella is a small town, and you can get to all your destinations by walking. Either way, don’t worry, there is always a surplus of tuk tuks wherever you go.

Hiriketiya beach (Hiri) is a great place to spend some quality time with people, or even yourself since the beach is secluded, and not that popular. However, slowly but surely the Hiriketiya beach is gaining an unprecedented amount of awareness internationally. So, grab a board, and enjoy the waves. Make sure you have local currency before you purchase goods from the local shops. There are bars scattered all throughout the beach devoted to making sure that you have a good time; some even have live music. But this comes with warning; beware of the trivial comments from the local beach boys, they don’t seem to have their priorities set.

Dikwella is known for having a large religious presence. Dikwella fosters the largest Buddha statue, which is 50 meters tall. The area is further known for the nature of its market, situated next to the beach, the market provides fresh fish, and the market was rebuilt after the 2004 tsunami hit Sri lanka. A 15- minute drive from Dikwella will lead you to the Dondra Lighthouse, which is worth the visit for a breathtaking view.

Additionally, just outside Dikwella is 2nd biggest blowhole in the world with a spray of water that rises 36 meters into the air. This too is worth the visit. Overall, Dikwella is a secluded area where you can have an entire beach to yourself; an escape from the scrambles of life.