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Ella is a mountain town in the Central Highland of Sri Lanka, about 1000 meters above sea level. The train ride from Kandy to Ella is one of the most memorable in the world and it’s definitely the best way to get there. Although it is not a big place, there is plenty to do in Ella, from hiking trails to waterfalls or lounging at the cafes.Most visitors to Ella come for the hiking trails. The most well known being the hikes to Little Adam’s Peak and to Ella Rock. It’s best to do the treks early in the morning as it is common for the rain to pour down in the afternoon. Both hiking destinations will give you beautiful sprawling views of the Sri Lankan country side. Both hikes start at the town and can be done without a guide.There are around 400 waterfalls on the island so why not see some of them! Around Ella you can visit Ravana Ella, Bambaragama, Dunhinda and Diyaluma. If you stay in a homestay like Waterfalls Homestay you can get beautiful views of Bambaragama (Little Ravana) falls.

Demodara Nine Arch Bridge
Only a short walk walk from Ella is the Demodara Nine Arch Bridge. You can walk across it, under it or just sit and wait for the train to pass while you sip a coffee at the Nine Arches Bridge cafe. From Ella, the trail goes along the mountain until you can see the bridge from the side of the hill. Another way to get there is to take the train to Demodara and walk back along the train tracks.The best place to take a nice rest and eat a pretty good meal is the center of the city where you will find unique restaurants full of delicious food in all sorts of ways. at night it gets busy with expats and locals having drinks and enjoying some good music.

Highlights in Ella 

Nine Arch Bridge
Little Adam’s Peak
Ella Rock
Ella Spice Garden
Ravana Falls
Ravana Cave
Ella Railway Station
Kithal Ella ( Secret Waterfall )
Dova Temple
Ella Wala Falls