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Scenic train ride from Nuwara Eliya to Ella

Scenic train ride from Nuwara Eliya to Ella

Taking the train is one of the most comfortable and enjoyble way to travel in our openion. That is why we suggest to experience at least one ride. It will be either on beach side or beautiful hill country in Sri Lanka. Once you got used to Sri Lanka’s interpretation of the open door policy, you will love it. For two reasons: The first reason is that open doors of the train bring even more fresh air. Arrived in Sri Lanka you will start to love everything that brings you refreshment, even if it’s for just a draft. Secondly, open doors invite you to take a seat on the stairs and enjoy the panorama. Especially while driving along the coastline you can start to daydream with the repetitive and meditative sound of the rails.The ride between Nuwara Eliya (Nanu Oya station) and Ella takes about 2 hours and is as magical. You’ll see tea pickers at work in the tea plantations and you’ll feel the urge to wave back to the school kids waiting for the train to pass by to cross the way over the rail tracks.You’ll see hundred shades of green meeting the bluest sky ever in the horizon. You’ll be filled with joy and hope. Sitting on the doorway or hanging out of a window will make you feel like a child again.

People who wants to avoid the longer train journey starting from Kandy, take a stop in Nuwara Eliya and take the train from there to Ella. Specially if you are travelling with your kids this is the best train ride to do. It is short, baby friendly and yet amazing.  

Notes to remember, 

1st Class seats – These tickets are reserved tickets and can be bought in advance to guarantee yourself a seat. The compartments also contain A/C. The downside of these tickets is you have no open doors and windows to hang out of for that picture perfect shot and they are filled 95% by tourists. 
During the holiday season, the tickets sell out months in advance but we will make sure you will have the tickets before the due date.  

2nd Class seats – Tickets can only be bought on the day of travel. You cannot reserve a seat, therefore, you are not guaranteed to get one. If you are an adventure seeker you may tend to switch from seats to floor. That means halfway through the journey, youw will understand that the best way to travel is to sit with your legs out the train door for the perfect unobstructed views of outside.

Your chauffer driver will drop you at the Nanu oya railway station at around 12.20 pm

The express train leaves from Nuwara Eliya (Nanu oya station) at around 12.45 pm. by the time you reach Ella station, the driver will be already there to receive you.