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Meditate with monks in a mountain in Ella

Meditate with monks in a mountain in Ella

If you are capable of cultivating the meditation in this very life, your mind will start to develop rapidly. In this effort, you need to have the ability to think well. If you cannot think well, you will not be able to develop your mind. In fact, most people do not develop their minds. Only few humans develop their minds. You can become one among that few. Learn this mindfully and attentively. We will gradually show you how to see your life in depth.Meditation heals your human life more than by any other means. It also makes your life more meaningful. Practicing meditation is a remarkable way to develop your mind. It is the teacher, the Supreme Buddha, who first taught the possibility of developing our minds. The Supreme Buddha developed His mind to the highest level first and showed it to us. Thus, the technique that is used to develop the mind is known as meditation.

This is a very unique and special experience that we provide you. You will be staying the day at the Buddhist monastery in Ella city and will be able interact with monks and interact with actual Buddhist rituals. You will learn about Lord buddha’s teachings and get the chance to meditate with the monks. Travelers from all around the world come this monastery in order to have the blessings and the peace for their life. You will eat the same lunch as the monks eat which will be home cooked rice and lots of vegetables. take one, two days or more than that from your busy life and find the inner peace and pleasure that every person requires in order to be succesful in life both mentally and physically.

At this special buddhist temple you will, 
Talk with monks about Buddhism
Get personal meditation instructions from the monks
Join with the evening chanting at 6:00 pm
Watch an historic stupa being built
Help offer food to the monks at 10:45 am
Make offerings at the shrines
Get a blessing thread from the monks

Of course you can change this schedule according to the time duration you have. We will assist you with the main monk at the temple with your activities.