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Scenic train ride from Kandy to Ella

Scenic train ride from Kandy to Ella

The Kandy to Ella train ride in Sri Lanka is considered one of the most scenic train rides in the world. 

This scenic train trip from Kandy to Ella is not only taken by tourists but by locals themselves. This isn’t just a tourist attraction, it’s life for the people of Sri Lanka and surely they must find is somewhat amusing how excited tourists are about a simple train ride. but no one is blaming you !!!

The lush green hills are purely breathtaking. The train takes you high into the mountains, through dense forest & vibrant green tea fields, over bridges, through tunnels, local villages and beside smiling faces. If you look closely every so often you’ll notice the colourfully dressed ladies pop their heads up amongst the tea fields as they carry on with their work.

You may feel 7 hours on a train has never gone so fast!

Every new corner there was a new photo opportunity, so make sure you charge your camera and stand by all the time. There is something so refreshing and magical about hanging out the door or window of a train as the wind blows in your hair! There aren’t a lot of places in the world you can do this. Be careful though, the bushes come close at times.

The original train system in Sri Lanka was introduced in 1864 by the British Colonial government to transport tea from the hills to Colombo but nowadays, the train is an extremely affordable way to see the beautiful countryside of Sri Lanka.

Notes to remember, 

  • 1st Class seats – These tickets are reserved tickets and can be bought in advance to guarantee yourself a seat. The compartments also contain A/C. The downside of these tickets is you have no open doors and windows to hang out of for that picture perfect shot and they are filled 95% by tourists. 
  • During the holiday season, the tickets sell out months in advance but we will make sure you will have the tickets before the due date.  
  • 2nd Class seats – Tickets can only be bought on the day of travel. You cannot reserve a seat, therefore, you are not guaranteed to get one. If you are an adventure seeker you may tend to switch from seats to floor. That means halfway through the journey, youw will understand that the best way to travel is to sit with your legs out the train door for the perfect unobstructed views of outside.
  • Your chauffer driver will drop you at the Kandy railway station at around 08.00 am
  • The train leaves from Kandy at around 08.47 am. by the time you reach Ella station, the driver will be already there to receive you.