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Ella rock hike

Ella rock hike

The views from Ella Rock are absolutely breathtaking. You could even say they are the best views in Ella. If you love mountainous terrain, hiking Ella Rock should be the first thing you do when visiting Ella.If you are up to a bigger challenge, hike to the top of Ella Rock. It takes good 2 - 3 hours to hike from bottom to top. It can be done with a guide or on your own but please make sure you asked the directions from your chauffer driver. 

The trail to Ella Rock starts near Kital Ella Railway station.You can either follow the train tracks from Ella Town or start from Kithalella station. This depensds on where you stay in town. your chauffer driver will drop you to the starting location. As you enter the trail, you will cross a bridge and take a right turn after the bridge. The trail starts out relatively flat and passes some local homes and tea plantations.Like in most of the Sri Lankan highlands, there are tea plantations everywhere. With just a little walking, you can get to the plantations quite easily. Ella Rock take you past tea estates. Why not veer off the path and walk through the tea for a bit.When you finally reach the top, you will be mesmerized by the panoramic view of Ella including the sight of Ella Rock. The views in Ella are unbeatable. From different sides of the ridge, the views are different. One side is all tea plantations on rolling hills dotted with trees and the other side is more of a wild jungle with hidden waterfalls. This is the sort of place that enchants photographers, painters and people that just love the mountain air and that feeling of expanse below their feet.The climb is worth it as it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding vistas. If you are ready to embrace a more adventurous hike, trek a journey to the height of Ella rock

Special notes to remember,

  • The hikde can be done with or without a guide but we recommned a guide as the trail is little bit confusing and splits many times, with no signage.(We will provide you one of our expert local gudies for this adventure for no more than 20 USD )
  • If you are doing this trek without a guide, be sure to be approached by local farmers along the way who would suggest the correct path for you. decline their offer pecefully and find your way to the top with other hikers.
  • Leave early, before it gets too hot and crowded. If you get up and down before 9 am you can have the best experince without much people
  • Take water, but don’t worry if you run out, there is a small hut run by locals in the middle of the path where you can have water, some snacks and King coconuts