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Heritance Ayurveda Resort ****

Heritance Ayurveda Resort ****

Wellness properties (Bentota)

At Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara, the hotel offers a healthy, life-enhancing experience through Ayurvedic treatments. All guests will start their journey with a consultation with the most senior physician, all treatments will then proceed under his guidance. The place to rest weary limbs, gently slow yourself down and discover the art of tranquility.

The focus of the Ayurveda Resort will be to provide total relaxation to its clients, starting with the surroundings itself and attention to the total body and mind. All guests will be entitled to an all inclusive stay at the hotel, this includes individually customized Ayurveda treatments and meals. The treatments will be provided only for the specifications of the guest's body type.

The total atmosphere at the resort is created to be conducive for an Ayurveda way of living. Yoga and meditation classes are conducted frequently to augment the Ayurveda way of living of a complete body and mind.

Ayurveda is a holistic philosophy. At Maha Gedara, you are in the safe hands of well experienced physicians and highly trained staff to take exceptional care of you and make your visit a memorable one.

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