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Ulpotha Resort ****

Ulpotha Resort ****

Wellness properties (Kurunegala)

If you are looking for an emotional, spiritual or physical reset, come stay at Ulpotha. You can walk barefoot in pristine nature and swim in the silky-smooth waters of our lotus ringed lake, far removed from stresses of the modern world. If a digital detox, the song of chirping birds and to sleep like a baby attract you, Ulpotha can offer you that and more.

Ulpotha exists in a world where it’s safe enough to live without fences or walls or doors or locks. You’ll be looked after by its gentle, traditional agricultural community, among whom you will be living in nature’s soft, age-old rhythms.

In what it offers, Ulpotha is both rare and real.

“It is luxuriously posh, this lantern-lit retreat in the woods, and peaceful beyond expectation” – Huff Post